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Our CURRENT SERVICE AREA, is limited to the upstate New York area’s including Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and surrounding areas.  NOTE: we currently provide custom made skirting ONSITE ONLY.  We may consider doing a skirting installation outside of our current service area, with an additional service charge.

Ross RV Skirting is truly a unique product with an outstanding appearance!  Designed for warmer climate use, this product can transform an average looking travel trailer, fifth wheel or park model into a mini vacation home!  Our skirting is completely PORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE, and can be set up and used in any location you desire.  Skirting gives you tire protection from UV rays, they allow for excessive storage, it keeps out those small animals & critters from getting underneath, and helps maintaining a cooler interior temperature.  Our skirting is designed to be set up or taken down in about an hour or more (depending on size), after its initial installation.  This system sets up in a few steps with an easy snap on application.  Our floating PVC framed foundation is designed to work nicely on concrete pads or stony grounds.  Simply lay any type of weights over the PVC crossbeams to secure and keep tension on the skirting, vs. trying to hammer in steaks into sometimes near imposable stony grounds.  Along with the PVC foundation are sliding adjustable height PVC beams that vertically attached to your RV with our adhesive studs.  This provides structure to hold shape and resist wind gusts.  This method works great with the larger section under the nose of a fifth wheel too.  Also for fifth wheels we recommend cutting out a section for your hitch work to come through the skirting.  This helps to keep your skirting panels straight & tight looking in the front of your RV.  After installed, this product will give you many compliments by its appearance, and by how clean & organized it will keep your site looking.

Order Process

  • Submit our online form found towards the bottom of this page.
  • We will contact you back with a price & down payment amount for your skirting and answer any questions you may have.
  • After we contact you back, you may order your skirting by submitting your deposit amount on our website. The balance due will be collected on your installation date.
  • You will receive and email confirmation that your order has been processed and your deposit has been paid.
  • We will contact you to set up an installation date for us to come out at your site to install your skirting. Your onsite installation will take approximately 8 – 10 hours.
  • After the initial installation by us, we will go over and explain how to set up and take down your skirting.

Estimated Price

To figure out an ESTIMATED price take the length of your RV and multiply that by two (for both sides), then add 16 for the width (front & rear). This will give you the total feet of skirting needed to go around your RV. Take that number and multiply that by $18.00/ foot. There is also a flat onsite service charge (for our current listed service areas) of $75.00 for us to come out to your RV. This amount would change if we where to install skirting in a different area not currently listed. This amount typically covers most of our fuel cost.

RV’s with more than one LOWER slide, or fifth wheels with skirting to cover under the front nose will be slightly more than $18.00/foot.

When ordering a fifty percent deposit will be required to start the order process. This amount covers most of our supplies for us to get your order started.

Example: My travel trailer is 29 feet long, with one slide. You would take 29×2=58 (for the length), & and add 16 (for the width) = 74, which is the total feet of skirting needed to go around your RV. You would take 74 X $18.00 /foot= $1,332. Plus 75.00 for your on site service fee, totaling $1,407.00 (not including any local taxes). So your deposit needed for this example would be 50% of the $1,332.00, or $666.00 plus the $75.00 service charge, giving you a total deposit amount of $741.00. Any local taxes would be collected with your remaining balance at your installation.

Fabric Color

Black Textilene White Textilene 90% Gray Textilene 90%
Beige Textilene 90% Desert Sand Textilene 90% Brown Textilene 90%

Button Color

Black-Button white button Gray Button
Beige Button Stainless button brown button

Fastener color

Gray-VHB-Stud White-VHB-Stud Black-VHB-Stud

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Slide Topper Support System

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