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Tire Covers

Ross RV Tire Sunscreen Covers prolong the life of your tire investment by blocking ultra violet rays from persistently burning away at your tires, causing dry rot and premature tire hazards while on the road. Our tire covers are made to your specs, they block 90% of the suns UV rays with our high density sunscreen material. They allow the required air flow and oxygen needed to prolong your tires life, vs. standard covers that have short life spans, are hard to put on, and cut off air flow circulation causing moisture & mold. Putting on our covers is as simple as walking up and snapping them on, you never need to get down on your hands and knees. This product is very popular on large motorized rigs, as well as fifth wheels and travail trailers. They provide the tire protection your looking for with an upscale custom fit.

Order process

* Please submit your order on our website. If you need assistance or have any other questions we can be contacted through email, or phone. (see contact us)
* After your order is submitted you will receive email confirmation and sales receipt of your purchase.
* Your order will be custom made to your specifications and shipped out in approximately 7-14 days.
* Our standard Free shipping is through USPS Priority Mail with a three day delivery window.
* You will receive another email with tracking information a few days to a week before your order ships out.)
* After receiving your order simply follow the instructions for installation, or see our easy installation video on our website.

Measuring Instructions for Tire Sunscreen Covers

* Please note: Take your time measuring; we recommend measuring each wheel well opening 2 or 3 times to avoid any mistakes. For motorized rigs, it works out best to write down the measurements & locations of each wheel well opening on a drawing to avoid any confusion. Typically the front & rear openings are slightly different in size on motorized rigs.
* Note: Measure the Width & Height of the wheel well opening. Make sure you measure the Farthest distance for both.
* First measure the Width, from left side to the right side of the wheel well opening. Remember the farthest distance for the width is usually towards the bottom of the wheel well opening.
* Next, the height can be measured from the Top Center of the wheel well opening (or the highest point), then straight down to the ground. This measurement is important, so when installed your tire cover is just hitting the ground without having much slack.
* We will automatically add 1 ½” overlap to your measurements given to us for the top & sides. This required space is for the adhesive stud to attach to the surface, and provides an additional overlap of material.
* Please let us know about any possible interferences the Tire Sunscreen Cover may run into, so we can make adjustments.

Slide Topper Support System

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Part# RT TAN21x120SLT
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