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Window Suncreens

Ross Window Sunscreens are one of the best investments you can make for your RV. They improve your air conditioners efficiency & cuts down on your utility bills by blocking the suns heat rays before entering through the glass. This allows your RV to maintain a cooler and more comfortable environment in hot sunny weather. Give yourself daytime privacy and escape those prying eyes of neighbors. Our Window Sunscreens allow you to see out, they let light in, as well as a gentle breeze (when your window is open), but your neighbors and people walking by cannot see in! Our Window Sunscreens are currently being offered for side windows only because of the demand. Large windshield sunscreens may only be available upon special request at this time.

Order Process…

  • Please submit your order on our website. If you need assistance or have any other questions we can be contacted through email, or phone. (see contact us)
  • After your order is submitted you will receive email confirmation and sales receipt of your purchase.
  • Your order will be custom made to your specifications and shipped out in approximately 7-14 days.
  • Our standard Free shipping is through USPS Priority Mail with a three day delivery window.
  • You will receive another email with tracking information a few days to a week before your order ships out.)
  • After receiving your order simply follow the instructions for installation, or see our easy installation video on our website.

Measuring Instructions for Window Sunscreens…

  • Please note: Take your time measuring, we recommend measuring two or three times to avoid any mistakes.
  • It works out best to make a drawing of each window you want covered & write down the Width & Height on your drawing first.
  • Measure from the outside frame to outside frame. Usually you have the glass, and then about 1 ½ inch of black molding around the glass; this would be the frame. Do not measure the glass only. Measure the Width first (left outside frame to right outside frame). Then the Height, (top outside frame to bottom outside frame). To clarify, the outside frame or black molding, would be the farthest distance from the glass.
  • Take note: we will automatically add 1 ½ inch (over-lap) to your measurements given to us. This helps with windows that are slightly raised, along with providing better coverage and for an easier installation.
  • Please let us know about any interferences your window cover may run into, or any other information that may be required for your window cover to fit properly.

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